Citation Machine
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NoodleTools Online Bibliography Composer: Saves your references online! Work from school or home! Adds all your citations at once in Word automatically!

Cite It Right - Citation Builder

Create and format your MLA, APA, CMS, and CSE citations and build your bibliography online to save time and ensure accuracy in documenting your sources. Export your source as a perfectly formatted document to continue it later on, or include it in your paper. Registration required (at bottom of page).

Research Tools

Deep Quote

Enter some text and the URL of a page containing the text and Deep Quote will return a link that opens directly to your selection and highlights it.


A natural language search engine with cluster results. Type your question and see what comes up!

Object Graph Dictionary

Has a word prediction feature that suggests words as you type. Also has a thesaurus.


Wizlite allows you to highlight text (like on real paper) on any page on the Internet and share it with everybody (or just your friends).Great for group projects.

Open Source Software

Free Software for your home computer.

Open Office

Totally compatible with MS Office. Has a word processor, spreadsheet, database, slideshow presentation, and more! Does not have as many templates, but all you need to do is save the file in school with the template you want (i.e. PowerPoint) and open it at home with Open Office. The template is automatically transferred! CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON HOW TO CHANGE THE OPTIONS SETTINGS TO MAKE SURE YOUR FILES WORK WITH MS OFFICE.


Paint.NET is a free image and photo manipulation software for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Server 2003. If you like Photoshop or Fireworks, you will like Paint.Net!


Look in your system tray and you will see Snippy. Use it to copy anything on your computer screen. Just Double click, hold down SHIFT, and draw a rectangle around the area you want to copy. Paste into a doc or image program. (Click File-New in Fireworks. Accept the size settings, then paste). Click the Snippy link to download for your home computer and to learn how to use it. You can even keep it on your flash drive so you can take it everywhere!


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Academic Review

    • Regents Review: Tutorials and study guides for Math, Earth Science,Chemistry,Physics, US History Info presented clearly with practice problems

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