Las Vacaciones Ideales

Introduction/ The Task / The Process


You are going to plan a vacation to one of the Spanish speaking countries.  You may decide to describe your ideal vacation or an adventure trip.  Do you want to ski in the Andes Mountains, hike a volcano, visit Maya or Inca ruins, live with a family and study Spanish, or relax on a beach while monkeys play nearby in the trees? Choose a Spanish speaking country from the list below and start to plan your trip.
Buena suerte y Buen viaje.

Bolivia                                                         Guatemala                                                   Honduras                                                     Argentina                                                      Venezuela                                                  Uruguay                                                      Colombia                                                     Paraguay                                                 
Ecuador                                                       Cuba                                                       
Puerto Rico                                                 Spain
Costa Rica                                                  El Salvador
Nicaragua                                                    Panama
Chile                                                           Dominican Republic

Mexico                                                        Peru 


The Task

You will design and plan a trip to a Spanish speaking country.  You will share your plans with the class, calculate the cost of your trip, and teach us about your country. You can display your vacation plans using Powerpoint. You will be working individually.

The Process 

Step 1 Find 3-5 interesting places to visit or activities you would like to do in your country. Find pictures and information about these places

Sites for Spanish-speaking countries

Lonely Planet Travel Guide

Links to specific travel destinations

 Web site in Spanish

Then write the following in Spanish:

•  Itinerary -What you plan to do? In Spanish write what you plan to do on your trip.

•  Where will you go? Include the country you will visit and the places you will visit within your country

•  When will you go and for how long?


Pienso ir al Peru el 12 de Junio por un mez.

Primero voy a salir de New York .

Voy a llegar en Lima Peru .

Quiero quedar dos días in Cuzco.

Me gustaría hacer turismo aquí.

Después voy a dar una caminata por el camino de Inca.

Voy a acampar por la noche.

Voy a visitar Machu Pichu.

Va a ser interesante y divertido.

Las ruinas van a ser incredibles.

2) Cultural description
Pick two things you will experience or learn about on your vacation.  This can be a place, famous landmark or monument, product, music, animal, food, or aninal. Write a description in Spanish. (3-5 sentences for each item)

3) A Map Identify the places you will be visiting on a map of the country.

4) Airfare-How much does your trip cost?  Find out the cost of the airfare.  Include the airline, your city of departure, connections as well as your destination. Quotes for airfare prices  Travel plans 

5) Rate of Exchange-Find out the currency used in your country and the current exchange rate to the dollar.
 currency converter

6) Daily Budget- Based on the exchange rate and your daily costs, how much money will you need?    Estimate/calculate a daily budget based on hotels, food, transportation, and other daily expenses.  How much money you will need for your vacation?  Budget Worksheet [Right click on the worksheet link. Choose "Save Target As". Save to your documents folder.]

7. Bibliography Cite sources that you used.